New visual identity for Ydeplus

Elevating brands. Together.

We are really happy, proud and have already patted ourselves on the shoulder many times. And now we are super happy to finally be able to unveil the new visual identity for YdePlus.


Over the winter we sat down together. Looked each other in the eyes and asked: “Who are we at YdePlus?” Together, we put words to ourselves, our values, and the core of our own brand, and looked into the semantics of those words.


Together: friendly – personal – helpful.

Team spirit is our fuel and the foundation of our culture in YdePlus. The culture extends from our internal team to our collaboration with our customers and our Pluses – our partners. We pay tribute to the diversity of people and the innovation it creates. We understand that ideas come from every conceivable place and we expect everyone to contribute their own perspective to our tasks. This is also why we have strong, personal relationships in our team and meet our customers with the same approach.


Responsible: flexible – honest – trustful

For us, honesty is the glue of our creative, close collaborations with each other, our clients, and “Pluses”. We communicate openly and honestly. We build relationships with trust. That is why it is so important for us to ask the right questions throughout the process, in this way we can get the full picture of the task, the need and the potential and ensure that we have a mutual understanding between us and the end-consumer.


Curious: motivated – ambitious – kick-ass

Curiosity is our daily motivating factor. We love big challenges and inventing the good ideas. We are driven by agile and tailor-made, creative solutions that create measurable results.


You ask: “Well, it’s very nice, but why do you stretch letters like that?”

Well, let us tell you. First of all, we are flexible! We can always find a solution together with our clients. And if we do not have the skills of our own team, then we reach out to our large network of Pluses to find the right solution. We are driven by agile and creative solutions and pay tribute to the diversity of people and the innovation it creates.

All symbolized in our atypical and lively letters.

Say hello! And let’s talk about how we can help your business.