Teamtrip to Hamburg

Teamtrip to Hamburg

The YdePlus team has returned home after an awesome and creatively rewarding weekend trip to Hamburg.

The main attraction in Hamburg was visiting first the small but wild brand agency Eiga – Strategic–Brand Design by Henning Otto, and then the big and super cool agency Peter Schmidt Group by Ruediger Goetz. YdePlus now has two good friendship
agencies in our great neighbor Germany for creative development across borders. Really refreshing to visit the German agencies, where we both got and gave inspiration and created the basis for a good collaboration with talented competitors (which they actually are).

In Hamburg we also saved the whole world. Nothing less. With only 30 seconds left on the clock, we prevented a nuclear meltdown! (…in an escape room – but it still counts).

Auf Wiedersehen!


No team trip without creative inspiration – here at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, where we, among other things, took a closer look at Verner Panton’s complete interior design installation of Der Spiegel Publishing in Hamburg in 1969

Without food and drink, a creative agency simply doesn’t function.

And with good food, we had good conversations about work – and about everything else. It was great to be there as a team and see each other in a different setting.

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