Construction Center Denmark

The next step for your start-up is a giant leap

Autumn 2022 Construction Center Denmark is opening its doors for a 2-day event – a focused accelerator program for start-ups with high business ambitions.

  • Brand Design
  • Brand Guardianship
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Research
  • Copywriting
  • Graphical Elements
  • Logo Design
  • Motion Graphics


Construction Center Denmark wanted to capture the attention of all Danish start-ups with a scalable business idea or new technology that can create value within the construction industry, for participation in a 2-day event.


A mini visual identity for the event based on Construction Center Denmark’s existing identity. Including logo, colors, graphic elements, and icons. As well as amination for LinkedIn posts to capture the attention of the fast-scrolling LinkedIn user.

Once the attention of the start-ups had been captured, the messages about maximum benefit with very little time invested, that there were limited places so only the best were selected, and that they will meet and get one-on-ones with deeply competent technical and professional people and c-levels from the industry.

In handing over the new identity for the event, Construction Center Denmark also received a detailed manual with guidelines and tools for how they themselves could continue to work with assets for the communication of the event.

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