The concept “Less complexity,
less hassle and less risk” explained

Geberit calls it the Power of Less. It’s “your guarantee of less complexity, less hassle and less risk in all phases of a project– from initial drawings to finished product.” It’s sounds amazing, especially if you’re a builder for large construction projects.

This could be the construction of the largest hotel in the Nordic region. Now that’s impressive and worth bragging about. And naturally, something we want to be a part of.
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  • Brand Communication
  • Film Production
  • Post Production
  • Visual Storytelling og Communication


Do you enjoy watching corporate videos of construction sites and logs, drainpipes, and urinals? Maybe if you’re a hard-core installer. As a builder, you don’t think twice – everything should just work as expected and nothing to lose sleep over. Herein lies the challenge. How do we capture their interest? And when we do, how do we explain “The Power of Less” concept?


Capture footage with a drone, with skewed angles and quick video clips. Wall piping systems now look interesting! Bring in expert builders and satisfied project managers with testimonials of how Geberit’s expert knowledge and quality products made for a worry-free experience.

We have visited and filmed the following exciting construction projects, where Geberit has been the supplier: Radisson Blu in Oslo, Norway + Cabinn hotel at Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen + Valla Torg in Stockholm, Sweden + Joensuu Lighthouse in Joensuu, Finland.