Yoga or chocolate? Finished using diapers?
In my bathroom – I decide!

Four films. Four different stories. Three different age and target groups. Four looks and different product-focuses – spiced up with a ridiculously cute dog.

In close dialog with the Geberit Nordic marketing team and in joint effort for the local Geberit brands Ifö, IDO and Porsgrund, we ensured a high focus on the brands in this campaign and acknowledged that Ifö, IDO and Porsgrund are widely known and valued in the Nordic countries.

  • Animation & 3D Film
  • Brand Campaign
  • Brand Communication
  • Budget
  • Casting
  • Concept Development
  • Copywriting
  • Customer Journey
  • Edit & Retouch
  • Film Production
  • Graphical Elements
  • Photo Shoot
  • Post Production
  • Social Media & Content
  • Tagline Development
  • TV Advertisement
  • Visual Storytelling og Communication


We helped Geberit in building up brand preference at the end-consumer, who already have an interest in the local Geberit brands.

On a strategic level, the challenge with the local Geberit brands is that we must stay true to the Nordic position of Geberit: Nordic design, sustainability and “easy-to-clean”-products. All gathered under the Geberit label “Inspired by Nature”.


The concept can be described as Human moments from the bathroom (with Geberit products in supporting role).

Using recognizable everyday moments from the bathroom – added a bit of humor to create an emotional hook – we produced four easy identifying and decodable films and messages.

The campaign assets included HERO-films for TV streaming and web, a SoMe concept with visual elements and (rather witty) copy, and digital display banners.  

We must make sure that the campaign stays true to the Nordic position of Geberit and that the consumers are met by a united Geberit brand, including Ifö, IDO and Porsgrund.

Our characters always interact with the bathroom furniture in the films. Together with product info in the end of each film, we ensured a strong tactical focus on the Geberit products across all films. 

The tree different characters are carefully casted to target the different age groups within the target groups. From the young generation considering building their own house, to the older generation considering renovation. 

We created three relatively “ordinary bathrooms” in Nordic design. It was important that the bathroom interior wasn’t “unattainable” for the common consumer – however still inspirational. 

When the bathrooms were already built as settings for the films, we had a great opportunity of updating product stills of all bathroom furniture for Geberit. So, accompanied with the campaign Geberit received brand new, stylish, and beautiful stills for web, catalogues, and much more.